Notice about the latest local menu in Takikawa


Introducing a special menu that can only be found at the main branch of Matsuo Jingisukan
and the Michinoeki Takikawa rest stop restaurant!
We would like to introduce the various dishes with pictures for reference.

Matsuo Jingisukan Main Branch

First is the new menu from the main branch of Matsuo Jingisukan. Both dishes are only
available for a limited time, and can only be found in Takikawa.

“Fondue style minced lamb curry”

This is a limited time only dish that can only be eaten in Takikawa.
It is type of curry that is made with minced lamb with an original spice blend. Please try this
fondue style blend of 4 different types of Hokkaido cheeses together with cream cheese and
minced lamb curry dish.

“Lamb tortilla”

This is a limited time only dish that can only be eaten in Takikawa.
The lamb sausage and minced lamb curry is made in our company owned factory and is
wrapped in a tortilla.
Please enjoy the combination of delicious taste of lamb and fresh, crisp lettuce.

Official homepage for the Matsuo Jingisukan main branch is here

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Michinoeki rest stop Takikawa restaurant

Next is the introduction of the brand new dish at the restaurant in Michinoeki rest stop

“Takikawa duck set meal”

Please try our flavourful Takikawa duck buckwheat noodle soba with aigamo duck flavoured
with jingisukan broth.
Official homepage for the Michinoeki is here(general website for all michinoeki
throughout Hokkaido)

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