Introduction of a tour focusing on local farm to table in Takikawa


Details of the programme

This is a tour focusing on local farm to table in Takikawa surrounded by
nature, where participants will learn about how animals are reared to the
process of harvesting and finally to food that we eat.

During the tour, we will visit Aigamo duck farms and introducing food from
Takikawa (depending on the season, you may be able to experience
harvesting). There will also be sampling sessions of popular food items and
visiting the Michi no Eki rest stop to look at fresh produce grown and
harvested by local farmers, and to publicise the charms of Takikawa while
going around city.

Details of the course

Tentative itinerary of the programme
Michi no Eki Takikawa (meeting point) →  Aigamo duck farm and processing
factory →  Introduction of local delicacies in Takikawa →  Aigamo duck
meal →  Michi no Eki Takikawa (dismissal)

*Note that meals will be local cuisine from Takikawa, but it is possible to change to Jingisukan grilled lamb meat